Random Vinyl Pics

Black Pus - All My Relations, with hand-numbered three-color silk screened print hand-made by Brian Chippendale.  As much as I like Chippendale’s music (he’s also in Mindflayer and Lightning Bolt), the name Black Pus (his solo project) makes me cringe.  I’ve never been a fan of pus (who is?).  But BLACK Pus?  Probably the most disgusting band name in my collection.  I think that’s just his sense of humor, though, which I admire.  He’s very good at funny song titles.  Here are some from the past:  ”Favorite Blanket, Favorite Curse”, “You’re Dead At The Bottom Of A Dungeon, Deal With It”, “Netherworld Bike Patrol C.H.A.O.S.”, “Getting Our Hair Done”.  Now I’ll just go file this LP next to my Black Angels, Black Crowes, Black Dice, Black Flag, Blackfoot, Black Moth Super Rainbow, and Black Sabbath records.

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